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Choosing the Right Domain

Domain names are the unique address that brings people to your website. They are assigned to individuals or companies by domain registrars who charge an annual fee for managing the domain name information with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). In the U.S., domain names can contain only numbers, letters, hyphens, and one dot followed by a top-level domain designation such as com, org, net. edu, info, biz, and others.

7 Things to Remember When Picking a Domain Name

1.The ideal domain name should describe your business and be easy to remember and to spell.

2.Keep the name short. Shorter names are easier to enter and reduce the likelihood that people will mistype it. If the name of your business is long, you might consider registering your full name, and also a shorter version. You could then have both names point to the same website.

3.We recommend .com domain names whenever possible. They are truly the gold standard. Some people use .net names if the .com name is not available. But this can cause confusion as people tend to automatically enter the .com address, which would take them to the wrong website. If your company is not-for-profit, a .org designation is appropriate, but we would also recommend that you purchase the .com name as well.

4.Consider purchasing other domain names that are similar to your primary domain. You might want to purchase a common misspelling, or a plural name (for example, VeryCoolGizmos.com in addition to VeryCoolGizmo.com).

5.Make sure you register your own domain names. Don't let a web developer register it under their account. You should always be in control of your domain name so you decide what host you want to point to. This will make your life easier if you decide to change your website developer.

6.We also recommend that you do not register your domain names with the same company that hosts your website. Keeping them separate will give you more control and flexibility in the event that you have issues with your web host and want move to another.

7.Be careful when you search for available domain names. A few domain registry companies have been suspected of reusing the naming ideas you provide when checking for domain availability. Some believe that these ideas are logged and solicited to others who might register the name moments before you do. While we do not know for sure that this is going on, we do suggest that you do not enter your domain ideas until you are ready to purchase. But how do you check for availability without enter it? We have developed a No Nonsense Domain Name Search that allows you to check availability directly from the most trusted whois servers.